Harmonious design for a classic kitchen - ideal for atypical architecture and kitchens with a limited amount of space. The way to furnish a room with uncommon shapes is to design kitchen furniture individually, using the entire height of the walls. In addition to the project, we advise you on how to use your available space in small or narrow kitchens most efficiently. In the case of an L-shaped kitchen e.g., ergonomics in the kitchen are consequently following the proper design of furniture along two orthogonal walls. The well-thought-about kitchen gives the user the opportunity to optimize the workflow in the kitchen to make cooking even more enjoyable. To enhance the visual qualities and increase the visual effect of the kitchen space, the irradiate colors of the fronts and kitchen countertops play an important role. A wide variety of matt and glossy kitchen fronts assures that the kitchen design fulfills the individual aesthetic preferences of the user. An atypical kitchen is functional and still meets the needs of harmonious design and practicability. Thanks to the use of modern mechanical or electrical power-assisted opening solutions, the user enjoys the comfort of a collision-free workflow.


Kitchen design on dimension






Classic Bright Kitchen